Bob Spencer
Bob Spencer

Bob SpencerBob Spencer and Linda Selleck have been great musical friends for a number of years, having performed concerts together on guitar, mandolin, and Celtic harp, as well as organizing several conpact disc recording projects.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Music Education, Bob Spencer is a professional musician and music educator. He has taught all levels of school music, and has performed with a great variety of bands in the south. Bob currently teaches guitar here in the Triad.

A vocalist and master of a variety of musical instruments, Bob plays guitar, mandolin, keyboards, flute, harmonica, saxophone, and country fiddle. He has performed on "Hee Haw," and "Jamboree in the Hills" music special on Showtime, and with the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville dozens of times. He has toured with country western, rock, and jazz musicians throughout 47 states.

In recent years, Bob has organized and performed with some great Contemporary Christian bands in the Triad area, and stays busy as a composer, song arranger, and studio recording engineer for many area musicians. He currrently plays with "The Vickie Skinner Band," "Soul Biscuit,"Expresso Brazil,""Windfall," and "Mood Swingz" with his wife Elizabeth.

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